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Welcome to the home of modern, minimalist British & Japanese design. Aesthetics and function combined are the key principles during the design process. Followed by quality during the manufacturing process.

Lantern™ Cordless Lamp

Light Up Anywhere

Experience freedom with our lantern-style cordless lamp by Iluminating. Effortlessly portable and elegantly designed, this wireless LED lamp brings charm and illumination wherever you go.
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Fabric™ Standy Lamp

Cordless Lamp

Introducing our fabric restaurant-style cordless lamp by iluminating. Crafted for restaurants and homes alike, this rechargeable wireless lamp exudes elegance and versatility, providing warm, adjustable lighting without the constraints of cords.
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All my friends and family can not stop talking about my living room now with the lamps installed. It's incredible how I can change the mood of the space in a matter of seconds."

Cristina J.
Los Angeles, CA

This light is amazing! We love how bright it is and how it really lights up our space. It's a great addition to our home and we would highly recommend it to anyone!

Alex S.
Dallas, TX

I bought this minimal lamp for my living room and I love it! It's very minimalistic and goes well with my other decor. It gives off the perfect amount of light and I don't have to worry about it taking up too much space.

Mark T.
Denver, CO
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Immense waterproof wall light
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